I'm Lauren Hooker, the graphic designer and blogger behind Elle & Company, a business, blogging, and design resource for creative entrepreneurs. 

I get my love of entrepreneurship honestly, although I wasn't always so crazy about it. My dad bought a gym in our small hometown when I was 6, and after watching all of the time and sacrifice he poured into that venture, I swore up and down that I would never, ever own a business when I grew up.

But here I am over fifteen years later, not only running a business but striving to help other creative business owners through designing their brands, offering e-courses, and sharing tips and insights on the Elle & Company blog. 

I’ve come to realize that many business owners don’t plan to go into business at the outset; they usually have a passion or talent that leads them there. Mine was and is design. A childhood of art classes and art shows, a visual communication design degree from Virginia Tech, a year as a full-time designer at a start-up company, and a few years of freelance work led me to start Elle & Company in January of 2014.

Since then, my interest in entrepreneurship and my passion for helping other creative business owners has grown, and it’s transformed my business. What started as a freelance design venture has now become a resource for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers through our blog, newsletter, e-courses, and design services. And I say “our” because I have a business partner who weighs in on every decision, brainstorms new ideas, and helps me with every post and newsletter; my husband, Jake.

Chances are, many of you who have stopped by this site started with a passion or an interest within your industry and have found your way into business and blogging. Our hope is that everyone who visits this site will walk away with practical tools that help them build a successful blog and business, whether it’s through a post in the archives, a weekly newsletter in your inbox, an e-course, a one-on-one consultation, or a design project



How Our Business Got Off the Ground