The New 2015 Ellebook Planner is here!

Today is an exciting day around here. The 2015 Ellebook Planner is now available in the Elle & Company Library! 

2015 Ellebook Planner from Elle & Co.

This is my second edition of our Elle & Company planner and I'm thrilled about some new changes that have been made. It has the same great features and layout as last year's Daybook, however, it has a brand new name and it's accessible right from your very own office: the Ellebook Planner is now a part of the printable Library! 

2015 Ellebook Planner from Elle & Co.

Unlike last year, you can snag all of these planner pages as an instant download file! No preordering necessary and no shipping times or costs. Woohoo! The Ellebook Planner can be utilized in a variety of binding options like a discbound notebook, spiral bound, or a three-ring binder and can be printed easily from home or a local printing company.

2015 Ellebook Planner from Elle & Co.

Each month begins with a simple two-page predated calendar with a section for to-do's, notes, and a glance at the previous and upcoming month. 

2015 Ellebook Planner from Elle & Co.

Each week also comes dated and spreads across two simple portrait pages with clean lines and plenty of white space. It has a section for a verse and weekly to-do list, and each day is divided into sections. I like to use the three larger sections for "morning, afternoon, and evening" and the bottom two for meal planning and daily to-do's. That's one of the things I love most about this planner - it's so simple and customizable that it works well for moms, students, and business ladies alike! 

2015 Ellebook Planner from Elle & Co.

And now that the planner is available in the Library, you can access the Ellebook Planner and all of the Ellebook worksheets in one place! They were all designed to be used together, and there are over 20 worksheets available for you to further customize your planner. Menu planners, project planners, blog calendars, health trackers, prayer calendars, day planners - they're all available to download and print from the Library as many times as your heart desires. 

A few FAQs

What size is the planner?
The Ellebook Planner is formatted to be printed on standard letter-sized 8.5"x11" paper. I prefer to use Staples 32lb bright white laser paper - the ink lays brighter and crisper on the page and doesn't allow my pens to bleed through.

Which binders do you recommend?
I'm a big fan of the Martha Stewart binders from Staples (like the blue one pictured in these photos). The quality is nice and durable, and they come in a variety of different colors and patterns. Target has some cute ones too, from time to time. 

How did you print your Ellebook?
I have a small Canon printer that I purchased for less than $40 and it has worked like a charm! It prints front and back and the quality meets my designer standards ;) It also prints quickly, which is always a plus!

Do you offer planners that have already been printed?
I currently do not offer these planners printed, bound, or packaged. The 2015 Ellebook Planner is available in digital PDF format only.

How many pages is the planner?
The Ellebook Planner is 131 pages total, 66 pages front and back. 

2015 Ellebook Planner from Elle & Co.

This planner offers a little bit of everything to keep you organized for 2015. You can print it as many times as you wish (it makes a great gift, and Christmas is right around the corner!), and you can access the planner and the rest of the Elle & Company Library for only $6.99 - that's a steal! Subscribe to the Library and start your organizational binder today!

A few more notes:

  • The Ellebook worksheets got a fresh new update, too! Be sure to take a look at the new changes when you log into your account.
  • My new branding package and process is up on the website! Visit the branding page to see all of the details. 
  • The about page got a little update too. Take a peek around the site to see all of the little changes!

Now for Wednesday's giveaway winners... Congratulations Maria, Jennifer, and Jillian! I hope you enjoy your free 3-month access to the Elle & Company Library. Thank you to all who participated!

And a special thank you to my sweet friend, Andrea Pesce, for all of these pretty photos of the Ellebook. You always do such a beautiful job!