Today's Top 3 - Posts, Blog Finds, and Referrers

Happy Monday! I'm back today with another roundup of favorites in Today's Top 3. Today's topic has been a common theme around here: blogging. Here's a look at some of my favorite posts, recent blog finds, and referrers. 

Top 3 Helpful Posts on Blogging

Top 3 Recent Blog Discoveries

Top 3 Blog Referrers

  • Bloglovin - If you're a blogger and you haven't created an account on Bloglovin yet or haven't promoted Bloglovin on your site, you're missing out on a great opportunity. This platform is a fantastic way for your current readers to keep up with your latest posts and for new readers to discover your blog. Just last week a post of mine gained popularity on the site and my number of readers more than doubled. So get on board with Bloglovin, stat!
  • Pinterest - I've talked all about growing your readership through Pinterest in this post, but it's worth highlighting again. Pinterest is always up there in my top 3 referrers. Allow readers to pin images from your site and get in the habit of creating graphics that are pin-worthy. You may not see the benefits overnight, but I promise that you'll see great results in the long run!
  • Facebook - I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook, but it has been an outlet for promoting my site and featuring my latest work. Each time I hit "publish" on a blog post, I head over to my business page and create a post to promote it. I've also found it helpful to create albums for my different blog series with links to the content.

It's your turn! What are your top 3 favorite posts, blogs, and referrers?