Coffee Date with Taylor Schumann

It's always so fun to see a project come to fruition, isn't it? A dear friend of mine, who just so happens to be a calligrapher, asked me a few months ago to redesign her logo and her website. And how could I say 'no' to lovely script, blush, lace, and gold? It has been so fun partnering up with Taylor and designing every little detail for her new brand, from packaging stickers to pricing guides and everything in between. 

Friends, it's an exciting Friday morning because all of the design details are complete and Letters of Grace Calligraphy is up and running! To celebrate Taylor's Launch Day, I thought it would be fun for you to get to know the pretty girl behind this pretty new brand.

What's in your coffee mug this morning?

Oh, just your typical cup of coffee:  70% coffee creamer, 30% coffee. And, in case you were wondering, it is as delicious as it sounds.

What is the first thing you did today?

Today I rolled over, kissed my husband, & popped out of bed. I was made that I had to get of bed, but then I remembered that coffee existed and the world was right again! I usually start out my mornings spending some time in the word and journaling while sipping on that delicious coffee we discussed earlier. Then I read whatever book I'm currently reading for about 30 minutes. Right now I'm reading "Where is God When it Hurts" by Philip Yancey, and it is a great encouragement to me in the mornings. It's important to pick something to read that will put you in the right perspective to begin your day effectively. Don't fill your mind with the news, TV, or Facebook. Fill it with goodness first, and the goodness will pour out through your actions as you go through your day. Then I start out my work-day in the office, tidying up, answering emails and getting ready for the day!

What have you been loving lately?

What haven't I been lovin?! First up - Poppin' pens! How did I not discover these before? I am also loving the 'Sleep Cycle' App on my iPhone. It's an app that tracks your sleeping patterns, and wakes you up in the morning when you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle. That way, it's easier for you to wake up instead of waking up when you're deep in your dreams. You can also input if you've had a stressful day, how much coffee you had, etc. so that you can figure out what makes you have a good or bad night sleep. It has done wonders for my morning routine and how I feel when I wake up.

What is something you struggle with and what are you learning as a result?

Lately I've been struggling with really keeping work-life boundaries. When you work from home and run your own business it is super easy to just work 24 hours a day and not leave room for what really matters. If I didn't stop myself, I would be working until 1 in the morning, and that's not good for anyone. so lately I have been trying to make and STICK to my office hours, not let email rule my life, and keep some white space for what really matters in my life. In today's world, we have this mindset that if we have some free time we have to fill it. We exhaust ourselves and run ourselves into the ground for the sake of feeling accomplished and productive. When in reality, we are burning ourselves out for things that won't last. I want to stop glorifying the busy in my life and let myself have time to just sit down and watch some Parks & Rec without answering emails at the same time.

Life can get busy. How do you simplify?

Plan, plan, and plan some more! I think I would plan out every hour of my life if I could. Each night I write out in my planner what I need to do the next day. That way when I put my head on my pillow, I'm not running through my gazillion plans in my head. I keep a meal planner so I know exactly what groceries I need and what we are having to eat each day. I also keep a monthly cleaning schedule so that I keep up with it a little at a time.

What is something that made you smile this week?

Oh, I have smiled so much this week! I have been busy getting ready for the launch of my new branding and website, and the day is finally here! And I am smiling from ear to ear!

Taylor, thank you so much for asking me to play a part in your business! Best wishes on all of the success that is sure to come. You have worked hard, sweet friend, and it's so fun to watch it all pay off. I'm so very excited for you!

Be sure to visit Taylor's new site and check out all of her beautiful work! And if you aren't already, go ahead and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too.

Happy Friday!