Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Where did the name "Elle & Company" come from?
A:   With a last name like Hooker, I knew I couldn't use my full name for this business (although it would've definitely been memorable!). "Elle & Company" hints at my first name, sounds professional, gives my business room to grow, and matches my feminine, classic aesthetic.

Q:   Are you booking new design clients?
A:   I'm currently booked through 2016 for design services and am not booking new clients at this time.

Q:   Do you offer a la carte options for brand and website design?
A:   My goal is to provide my clients with a cohesive, streamlined brand from start to finish. For this reason, I offer one all-inclusive package for brand, website, and collateral design. 

Q:   Do you work with any website platforms other than Squarespace?
A:   Not at the moment. For a look at why I prefer using this platform and why I suggest it for each of my clients, please visit this post.

Q:   Who took the photos for your website?
A:   Andrea Pesce is my go-to gal for head shots and photos of my brand. Not only is she extremely talented, but she's wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her!

Q:   How do I cancel my Library subscription?
A:   To cancel your subscription, visit and log into your Tinypass account. Click on "my library" and you will see a list of your subscriptions. Hover over the subscription you wish to cancel, click the gear icon, select "cancel subscription," and you're all set. Sorry to see you go!

Q:   Will you give me feedback on my blog/website?
A:   While I love helping bloggers and business owners refine and improve their site, I'm currently unable to answer every email with a thoughtful response. However, I'm announcing blogging and business consultations in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Q:   Can you help me with a Squarespace question?
A:   While I love Squarespace and highly recommend it to clients and readers, I'm not able to answer questions about the platform at this time. Feel free to check out my Squarespace posts here, search the Squarespace Help site, or start a live chat with Squarespace - they're always super helpful!

Q:   What advice do you have for aspiring graphic designers?
A:   My best advice is found in this Elle & Company post