Now that you’ve determined your niche, identified your ideal client, and come up with a plan for marketing and branding your business, it’s time to create your service packages and determine your prices.

In Module 3, I’ll help you design your packages in a way that will appeal to potential clients and meet their needs. I’ll also explain the benefits of bundling your services and/or offering a la carte options. 

Then, once you’ve outlined your service packages, we’ll walk through how to write the copy for marketing them on your website. I’ll also share some clever ideas for displaying the packages on your website and making them more appealing to potential clients.

You’ll learn how to determine how much to charge and decide whether you want to charge hourly or set a flat fee, and I’ll share a step-by-step method for raising your prices. I’ll also confront some common pricing misconceptions that could be keeping you from charging more for your services. 


MODULE Resources

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