One of the greatest struggles of any freelancer is keeping up with multiple projects at once. When timelines aren’t set and you’ve taken on too many projects, you’ll get stressed, your client will get irritated, and you won’t get paid in time.

In Module 4, I’ll guide you through creating a streamlined workflow for your service packages. You’ll create a timeline for each one to help you determine how many clients you can take on at once, making it much easier to book clients and streamline your income. We’ll also put some safeguards in place to help both you and your client stick to the timelines you’ve set.

I’ll introduce you to  some helpful project management options (Trello, Asana, 17Hats) and you’ll have access to the tech trainings for each one in the Resource Library.

I’ll also share some practical methods for scheduling your workday, staying on task, and maintaining a realistic work/life balance.


Available Monday, October 24th

MODULE Resources

Available Monday, October 24th