I don’t know many freelancers who enjoy dealing with the legal and financial side of their business. In fact, most feel extremely intimidated by them because they have no former experience in those areas. 

In the final module of the course, I’m bringing in the help of an attorney and an accountant to walk you through the necessary items you need to worry about when you’re setting up your business legally and financially.  

You’ll learn the difference between a sole proprietorship and an LLC, as well as how to set them up. We’ll discuss client contracts and what you need to include in them, as well as trademarks, copyrights, privacy policies, and terms and agreements.

On the financial side, we’ll cover how to set aside money for taxes, how to invoice clients, and how to go about paying yourself. I’ll also share a transparent look at how I handle all of the above. 

Many of the things we’ll cover in this module will differ depending on your state/country and the specifics of what you’re offering, but the overall objectives and topics will be beneficial for every attendee.


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