What's Included?

The mission of Elle & Company is to be a helpful resource, whether it’s through blog content, e-courses, or design work. So with that mission in mind, I created a convenient, inexpensive online collection of workbooks, templates, and files to help entrepreneurs organize and customize the behind-the-scenes of their business. I call it the Library.

It includes business card templates, to-do lists, budgeting and finance workbooks, and a full 2016 planner. Most of the items are printable PDFs, but some are Adobe Illustrator files (like the business cards) which allow for more versatility and customization. 

I add new items to the Library 3 times a month, so the collection is always growing. Out of all of the different aspects of my business, the Library is a fun, simple way to help creative entrepreneurs.

A subscription to the Library is $6.99 a month. Library users can sign up or cancel at any time, and gift options are also available here.

Latest addition to the Library: 
Blog graphic templates


The Contributors

Jillian Dolberry  -  Hazel Berry Design Co.

I am Jillian Dolberry, Owner and Graphic Designer of Hazel Berry Design Co. I am married to an elementary PE teacher, an avid tea & coffee drinker (I don’t discriminate against caffeine sources) and mama to our golden retriever Stella and our precious little boy Crew. In my day-to-day roles as a wife, mama and shop owner, my life revolves around these things: drinking too much caffeine, breathing in grace, striving to keeping the sink free of dirty dishes and creating meaningful products for the heart and the home.

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Jamie Starcevich  -  Spruce Rd.

Jamie is the designer and blogger behind Spruce Rd. She loves helping bloggers and entrepreneurs get noticed through quality branding, and providing them with practical tips + tricks! She loves all things chocolate, Wes Anderson and The Container Store.

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