How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch

Adobe Illustrator is hands down the best all-in-one design tool for creating business graphics.

It’s the one program I’ve used to create each and every one of the graphics you see on this website. I’ve also used it to design every single client brand.

I teach other creatives how to use it to design one-of-a-kind graphics in my Illustrator Basics course, and the next launch is quickly approaching this summer.

I created the course 5 years ago and I’ve continued to make small changes to it each year, but it was time to make some bigger updates.

Today I’m giving you an inside look at what these updates are and how they’ll make Illustrator Basics even better for past students and new students, alike!

How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch - Elle & Company

Some of the links below are affiliate links. However, I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't use them and find them helpful, myself.

1 | I switched platforms

I’ve been using Teachable to host all of my courses for the past few years.

And while their platform has many great features and their team is very helpful, Teachable doesn’t currently have an option for hosting all of my products.

I’ve had to scatter my courses, my membership site, and my services among several different platforms, which hasn’t been very convenient for anyone.

I couldn’t find an all-in-one solution for hosting my offerings until someone shared about Podia in the Elle & Company Facebook group a few months ago.

Podia allows you to host courses, online products, and even membership sites all in one place.

Their platform has a simple, clean design and includes all the features I’ve needed to promote, sell, and maintain all of my offerings. I’ve only been using it for a couple months, but I’m impressed with it already!

How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch - Elle & Company

I’m hopeful that my students will enjoy how easy it is to use Podia.

And those who’ve purchased more than one of my courses or have subscribed to the Elle & Company Library can now access everything right from one place!

I plan to do a blog post on Podia in the near future with all the details about how easy the transition has been, what my favorite features are, and why I would recommend it to other creative business owners.

But in the meantime, you can click here to take a look at their site, see their features and pricing, and try it out for free with their 14-day trial.

2 | The brand got a facelift

The brand for my Adobe Illustrator course has remained fairly consistent since I first launched it 5 years ago.

And while it didn’t need a drastic overhaul, it was in need of some fresh updates.

How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch - Elle & Company
How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch - Elle & Company

The name of the course was simplified from Adobe Illustrator Basics to Illustrator Basics. The tagline got a fresh update, too.

I kept the fonts and colors the same, updated the icons to match the new icons in the platform, and included a pop of orange to the color palette to make it a little more vibrant.

My hope is that the new brand is eye-catching to new students and still familiar to past students.

Are you interested in learning more about branding one of your offerings? Take a look at this Elle & Company blog post: How to Brand Your Course, Product, or Service

3 | I’m re-recording the video lessons

As with any program, Adobe Illustrator is consistently making updates to their software.

To keep the course up-to-date, I usually comb through the lessons and make any necessary changes before launching a new round of the course.

But this year I’m re-recording all of the lessons, creating new practice files, and updating the practical takeaways and examples.

The lessons will continue to be as simple and straightforward as they have been in the past, but those who’ve previously taken the course can jump back in to view new tutorials and takeaways on how to create graphics specifically for their business.

I’m also having transcripts made for each lesson that will include screenshots (for those who would prefer reading through the content or following along that way).

4 | The workbook has been revamped

The Illustrator Basics workbook has included cheat sheets and note pages in the past.

This year I added a few more cheat sheets and checklists for each lesson.

How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch - Elle & Company

I’ve also included timestamps for each objective on the checklist so students can easily find their place or return to certain tutorials in the course.

5 | The Facebook groups have been combined

Each time I’ve launched the course in the past, I created a new Facebook group so students could ask questions, keep up with course updates and announcements, share their work, etc.

I’ve always been blown away by the participation in the group as people help one another, give feedback on questions or designs, and get to know each other.

The Facebook groups are one of my favorite advantages of the course; they make an online course feel a lot less one-sided.

This year I combined all the groups into one, and all of the new students from the 2019 round of Illustrator Basics will be added to it, too.

How I'm Preparing for the Illustrator Basics Course Launch - Elle & Company

All of my students have lifetime access to the course.

So each time the course is offered, past students have the chance either brush up on their skills, take advantage of the new updates and additions, or finish what they started if they never completed the course the first time.

Having one Facebook group allows everyone to jump back in, participate in the new round of the course, and continue honing their Illustrator skills.

6 | I’m sticking to a simple promotion game plan

To promote the course, I’m working through writing some simple sequences for my list and coming up with engaging post ideas for social media.

I admire those who put a lot of time into strategically selling their courses and products with in-depth emails and Facebook ads, but simple launches have worked well for me in the past and I’m hoping they’ll continue to work well for me this year!

I’m excited about the 2019 launch of Illustrator Basics and I hope the updates will be helpful for those who’ve take part this go round and those who’ve taken it in the past and want to work through it again.

Registration opens Monday, July 8th at 12:00pm EST and the course officially begins on Monday, July 15th, so mark your calendar!

You can also join the waiting list below to gain more details about the course and be one of the first to register: