How would your life be different if you were able to effortlessly book clients?

Would you be able to quit your stressful day job? Spend your days doing the work you want to do on your own terms? Have less financial stress?

In May 2012, I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design from Virginia Tech. I had all the skills necessary to start my career, and my goal was to land a design position at a company near my hometown.

So I did. And I hated it.

I worked under a boss I didn’t like, for a company I didn’t like, designing under brand standards I didn’t like.

So I did what any frustrated designer who hates their day job would do: I started freelancing on the side. 

And that was when I noticed one large area where design school had failed me...

I had no idea how to find, book, and work with clients.

So I winged it.

I took on any and every design project that came my way. I charged too little and worked long hours for pennies. I had an uncanny knack for finding clients who didn’t value my work. And I definitely wasn’t bringing in enough money to take my business full-time.

Fast forward 2 years, and I’ve now built a 6-figure business and a waiting list of over 250 prospective clients. 

What changed?



Introducing Freelance Academy

My name is Lauren Hooker and I’m the founder of Elle & Company. 

When my new freelance business was failing miserably 2 years ago, I was faced with 2 options:

A)  I could stop wasting my time, give up freelancing, and stick with my dreadful 9-5 day job or

B)  I could spend time developing creative strategies to attract, book, and work with the right clients and pursue my love of design full-time, on my own terms.

I chose option B. 

Since then, I’ve worked with 30+ design clients, increased my prices by 600%, and grew my waiting list to 250+. All in the course of 16 months.

And you know what’s crazy?

I didn’t do anything drastic or magically obtain any special skill to make that happen. 

Instead, I researched everything design school didn’t teach me about freelancing. I learned how to:

  • Pare down my offerings and specialize
  • Attract and book clients
  • Build a portfolio that appeals to my ideal clients
  • Set up my business legally and keep up with business finances
  • Build and price my design packages
  • Refine my client process and improve client communication
  • Handle critiques and cut down on revisions
  • Balance multiple projects and meet deadlines

I’ve discovered the creative strategies YOU need to implement to build a successful freelance business, and I’ve broken them down into 6 step-by-step modules.

I’ve included a checklist and schedule so you can easily implement what you’ve learned. You won’t have to wing it any longer; simply follow the plan.



Enrollment is open until Tuesday, September 26th at 11:59pm EST

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Here’s a look at what you’ll learn

This course covers the 6 main components of building a successful freelance business and booking clients:



Here’s a look at what you’ll get

6 in-depth training modules will take you through the course material. The modules are video-based, but you’ll also have access to the slides and audio. You’ll have 2 weeks for implementation between each module and lifetime access, so you can work through the material at your own pace.

4 live online sessions. We’ll begin the course with a live orientation webinar, where I’ll share strategies for making the best use of the course and introduce you to the material. You’ll also get 3 live Q+A webinars (one for each month of the course) where you’ll receive personalized coaching and feedback. 

Lifetime access to the video lessons (as well as access to the audio and slides for each one). I’ve designed this program so you can complete it in just 3 months, but you also have the option of going at your own pace. Review your favorite modules and pick it back up whenever you’d like.

A comprehensive workbook filled with checklists, questionnaires, cheat sheets, scripts and worksheets for each module. 

Lifetime access to our Course Community, an exclusive forum for asking questions, sharing your progress, offering feedback, meeting others in the course, posting client referrals, and linking to helpful resources.

Lifetime access to our Resource Library, a collection of workflow charts, invoice templates, swipe copy for inquiries and client communication, quote templates, etc.

Lifetime access to tech trainings on the programs mentioned in the course, including Trello, Asana, and ConvertKit.

Exciting challenges to help you take action on the course (because that’s often the hardest part!). I have some pretty sweet prizes planned for the lucky winners who win the 3 challenges offered throughout Freelance Academy.

Immediately after purchasing, you’ll be sent an email with a private link for logging into our course page. From there you’ll be able to access the Course Community, Resource Library, and registration pages for the live coaching sessions.

New modules will be added to the course page every 2 weeks.


How much does it cost?

$697 USD

3-month payment plan available 


30-Day Guarantee 

Are you interested in building a successful freelance business? Do you want to go full-time? 

This course will give you actionable strategies for reaching those goals as quickly as possible. You’ll receive in-depth modules, personalized feedback, and helpful resources to help you implement them in your business. 

However, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the program after 30 days, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.



Frequently Asked Questions

When will Freelance Academy be offered again?
This course will only be offered once a year. The next enrollment will take place Fall 2018.

Is this course only for beginners?
Freelance Academy is applicable to any client-based business, whether you've been in business for 12 years or 12 hours. If you know you need to consistently land clients but you feel completely overwhelmed with where to find them, how to attract them, and how to manage them, this course is perfect for you.

Is there a self-paced option?
I’ve designed this program so you can complete it in just 3 months, but you also have the option of going at your own pace. Review your favorite modules and pick it back up whenever you’d like.

I'm hearing impaired. Do you include transcripts of each video lesson?
Yes! Transcripts and slides will be provided for both the video lessons and the Q+A webinars. 

Is this course only for designers?
If you have a client-based business in a creative industry, you're a freelancer. Whether you're a photographer, interior designer, writer, event planner, floral designer, artist, calligrapher, baker, or consultant, Freelance Academy will help you find and book clients, streamline your processes, and create a consistent income so you can focus on the creative passion that got you into business in the first place.

When does Freelance Academy officially begin?

There's a introductory webinar for Freelance Academy on Saturday, September 30th and the first module goes live on Monday, October 2nd. Here's the full timeline:

September 30:  Intro webinar at 12:00pm EST
October 2:  Module 1 available
October 16:  Module 2 available
October 28: Q+A webinar at 12:00pm EST
October 30:  Module 3 available
November 13:  Module 4 available
November 25:  Q+A webinar at 12:00pm EST
November 27:  Module 5 available
December 11:  Module 6 available
December 16:  Q+A webinar at 12:00pm EST



Enrollment is open until Tuesday, September 26th at 11:59pm EST

Enroll in Freelance Academy by clicking on one of the two options below: