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Success starts by taking action. 

But in an online world where business resources and tips are everywhere you turn, it’s often overwhelming to know where to start and what to act on. 

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No big overhaul or significant change is necessary to grow a successful online business. You can get there one helpful action step at a time. 


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"The most amazing thing about receiving Elle & Co's newsletter is the fact I gain valuable information and insights right into my inbox! I love this information not only because it helps me grow my business but because I didn't have to spend the time doing the research!!"
Katelyn James, Katelyn James Photography

"Just as I enjoy and look forward to every new blog post from Elle & Company, I get equally excited about their newsletter when it lands in my inbox. I can't say the same about many other newsletters I subscribe to. It's hard to find people on the web who are as transparent as Lauren and Jake, which makes them so refreshing. I always walk away from their content learning something new or thinking about my own blog in a fresh, new way."
Sara Cornelius, Cake Over Steak