What is the Library?

The mission of Elle & Company is to be a helpful resource for online creative entrepreneurs, whether it’s through blog content, e-courses, or design work. 

So with that mission in mind, I created a convenient, inexpensive online collection of workbooks, templates, and files to help entrepreneurs organize and customize the behind-the-scenes of their business. 

I call it the Library.

Newest additions: 

  • A brand new look!
  • Asana video tech trainings
  • Preview template


What’s included?

Our online collection includes business card templates, to-do lists, tech trainings, budgeting and finance workbooks, and a full 2017 planner. 


Most of the items are printable PDFs, but some are Adobe Illustrator files (like the business cards) which allow for more versatility and customization. 

I add new items to the Library 3 times a month, so the collection is always growing.

Out of all of the different aspects of my business, the Library is an accessible, simple way to help creative entrepreneurs.



Frequently asked questions

Can I give the Library as a gift?
Absolutely! Call me biased, but the items in our collection make a fantastic, unexpected (not to mention inexpensive!) gift. Surprise a creative entrepreneur with the gift of a Library subscription here.

How often is the collection updated?
I add a new item to the Library 3 times a month. 

Am I tied into a long-term commitment?
You’re free to subscribe and unsubscribe to the Library at any time. 

Are there longer subscription options?
We offer 3-month ($18.99) and 6-month ($35.99) subscriptions at a discounted rate. 

Are you open to new addition ideas?
I love receiving requests from subscribers! If you have a printable or template in mind, feel free to contact me here.