Ellechat Recap: How Contracts Can Improve Your Client Experience with Christina Scalera

Contracts are non-negotiable elements of any business, whether you’re a graphic designer or a personal trainer. 

But legal matters are scary. Many of business owners - both seasoned and brand new - are intimidated by creating client contracts because they’re unsure of what to include, how to word things, and whether they’re going about it correctly.

Christina Scalera is an attorney for creatives and a pro at explaining legal matters simply, and she joined me for last week’s Ellechat webinar to share how contracts can improve your client experience. 

Why I’ll Never Schedule Social Media Again

Imagine this. 

It’s 8pm on a Sunday evening. Tomorrow is Monday, which means the craziness of juggling clients, projects and business tasks is about to crank back up. And the thought just occurred to you that you haven’t yet scheduled posts for each of your social media platforms for the coming week.

So you pull out your laptop and spend the last 2 hours of your Sunday brainstorming about what the heck you’re going to post on social media.

You browse through old blog posts and choose a few at random to feature for the upcoming week. You spend forever digging through your Bloglovin’ and Twitter feeds to find articles to highlight from other industry peers. You save images to your desktop until you can no longer see your screensaver and you have a field day shortening links with bit.ly.

Finally, 10:30pm rolls around and your Buffer queue is filled for the week…until next Sunday, that is.

What if I told you the rat race of social media scheduling could finally end? What if you never had to schedule social media again? 

I’ve started using a tool that takes those questions out of the hypothetical and makes them a reality. 

Ellechat Recap: An Inside Look at My Launch Strategy for Freelance Academy

A couple of months ago I launched my signature course, Freelance Academy. 

And while I’ve launched a number of courses, services, and digital products in the past, Freelance Academy was different. A signature course, at a higher price point, with a brand new launch strategy. 

The launch was new and unfamiliar territory, but my perspective on launches remained the same

I don’t believe that you have to be salesy, pushy or manipulative in order to have a successful launch.

Don't Be Infatuated with Income Reports

Apparently everyone is getting rich nowadays, and getting rich quick.

And we only know this because people are more than willing to share their numbers. You’ve probably seen the posts. 

Income reports are everywhere.

I first noticed them a couple years ago when I came across Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. Since then, income reports seem to have spread like wildfire. 

This fact isn’t shocking; there’s a nosy person in all of us that loves to see numbers. We secretly enjoy getting an inside look into someone’s bank account.

But there’s something about it that doesn’t seem quite right.

A couple months ago I received an email from a newsletter subscriber, asking for my take on income reports. 

There are 3 reasons I’ve chosen to abstain from sharing my income on the internet: reporting income is a not-so unique marketing technique, it can lead to major legal problems and it has the potential to erode trust.

Finding, Choosing, and Pairing Brand Fonts

There are a couple designer secrets that aren’t often shared when it comes to choosing brand fonts.

The first: Steer clear of using your logo font throughout the rest of your brand (unless it’s a secondary font that you’ve used for your tagline). This makes the logo distinct and keeps it from getting lost among other text on your website and collateral items.

The second: Give each brand font a “job.” Choose one font for your headers, one font for your body text, and maybe one other accent font (maybe). This streamlines your brand by creating consistency.

But even after learning these secrets, you might still have some questions about brand fonts.

How do you go about finding, choosing and pairing fonts that will accurately represent your business and appeal to the right customers?

I’ve got you covered.