Your Wish is My Command

It makes my day to see messages in my inbox from Library subscribers with feedback and suggestions. I love hearing which printables are the most helpful for you, and it gives me new ideas for new additions!

A couple weeks ago I was happy to see this message from Elle &Company subscriber, Anna:

"Hey Lauren! The Library has been a huge help in trying to set up household items and routines. It might sound silly, but all of the daybook inserts are so functional, pretty, and cohesive that they have helped me stick with a system (even my husband has noticed the difference!). I'm currently working on trying to develop good morning and evening routines and was thinking a really cute printable might help me and others."

What a great idea! Goodness knows my routine could use some help, too, so I designed a new Daybook insert for structuring and keeping track of daily tasks and habits. 

I separated the worksheet into 3 sections for morning, afternoon, and evening tasks, and I added lots of checkboxes because I don't know about you, but I always feel more productive when I'm marking things off as I go. I'm excited to start using this printable in my own day-to-day, but I'm even more excited to share it with you! It's now in the Library for you to access and print as many times as you like. 

View the Daily Routine chart in the Library, learn more about the printable collection, or....

Like I said, I love feedback! Are there any printables that you would like to see in the Library? What tips and tools have you found helpful for implementing your daily routine?