Brand + Blog Design: Grace to be Free

I don't know what has had me more excited about today: the fact that I finally get to share one of several branding projects I've been working on or the launch of my client/friend's new brand and blog, Grace to be Free. So much heart has gone into this one!

You might remember my "client" from this Coffee Date back in May. A couple months ago Logan contacted me about starting a faith and lifestyle blog. I loved the mission behind it (and I had been secretly admiring Logan's writing style since our art history classes together at Tech), so I was thrilled when she asked me to take part in the brand and blog design. We started from the ground up and created a gorgeous new site that has become one of my favorite projects to date!


Since a branding project is a partnership between a client and a designer, I thought it would be fun to share the design process from Logan's perspective. Here's her take on the last couple months that we've been collaborating on Grace to be Free.

Why did you originally reach out to Elle & Company for design help?

The honest answer is, God told me to. I was thinking about starting a blog but was at a total loss as to how I would actually create a website. While looking around her inspiration online I began frequenting Elle & Company, drawn to it for Lauren's creative design and the curiosity of seeing what an old college friend was up to. I sent her a message to congratulate her success, and she sent one back congratulating me... it ends up Lauren had been following along with me as I was on an 11 month mission trip. The more we caught up with each other, the more I felt God telling me to ask her for help. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to come off as being a friend for convenience's sake. Thankfully, I listened to God on this one. My initial request was just a time where I could ask her some general questions and get advice on starting a blog. One thing led to another (aka God working) and Lauren and I embarked on a collaborative creative adventure I could not be more thankful for. 

What were your initial design goals?

My initial design goals were to have an easy to use website that was also beautiful and creative with a look that would draw people in. I also wanted branding and a logo that represented the heart of the blog - God's grace gives us freedom. (And the even more real truth is that I wanted my blog to "look legit.")

What keywords came to mind when you imagined the appearance of your blog?

Bright. Clean. Fresh. A cleansing breath, and a new start. Light. Freedom. Joy.

What was your favorite step in the branding process?

Oh that's a tough question! I think for me it was just seeing how Lauren could take my words and ideas and then translate them into an actual design. But I also so appreciated Lauren's organization, creativity, willingness to listen, and her mix of professionalism with genuine friendship.

Were you surprised by any part of the project?

Every time I talked to Lauren I was surprised, but in such a pleasant way! It was always so thrilling to get on my website and see what new additions she made. I was also surprised at just how much detail goes into creating a blog/website, and so thankful that Lauren did the real work and simplified the rest for me.

How was the overall experience? Did we successfully accomplish your design goals for Grace to be Free?

Consider my design goals achieved! And the experience was not only fantastic, but one I would recommend to others and repeat myself. Lauren has a heart for helping people which so successfully translates into this design process. Her passion to create what I wanted and needed made me even more excited to start Grace to be Free. 

Logan, I'm so grateful that I could play a part in the making of Grace to be Free. Thank you for trusting me with the design of your brand and your blog; it was a joy to work on and you were a joy to work with! Best wishes with this new venture. I can't wait to follow along and see where it takes you. Happy Launch Day!

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