Top 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

After sharing 10 design mistakes to avoid last month, I received a request from a reader for 10 blogging mistakes to avoid. So here are two handfuls of mistakes that can hinder your blog's success.

1  |  Failing to find a niche
When the scope and audience that you're trying to appeal to is too broad, you're blog won't appeal to anyone. By finding a niche and narrowing your focus, you can gear your posts toward a specific group of people and grab their attention. 

2  |  Bland blog post titles
I'll be honest, this is a difficult blogging mistake to avoid. Some people have an easier time coming up with catchy titles than others, and I definitely fall into the "others" category. But don't overlook this often-forgotten detail of blogging. You have a great opportunity to draw readers in with a catchy post title, so get creative! 

3  |  Inconsistency
Consistency is key. When readers know that you post each weekday (or every-other weekday, or once a week), they know to return for more. Consistency builds trust and dependability with your audience.

4  |  Poor grammar and punctuation
If you want others to take you seriously, use correct grammar and punctuation. While it's important to create a tone and a voice with your audience, it can be aggravating to readers when you overuse punctuation and skip over proofreading your posts. 

5  |  Purposeless posting
Ever heard the saying, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?" My rule of thumb for blogging is "if you don't have anything beneficial to post, don't post it at all." It isn't always easy to come up with new ideas and great content when you're trying to stick to a consistent blogging schedule, but posting for the sake of posting doesn't benefit you or your readers. 

6  |  Unoriginality
We've all seen a million and one "what I wore" posts, inspiration roundups, and weekend recaps. Don't settle for what everyone else is doing because they seem to have success with it. Find ways to put your spin on things and mix it up! Your readers will thank you.

7  |  Lack of engagement with your readers
One important aspect of creating a loyal blog audience is initiating a conversation. Ask your readers questions and follow up with each of their comments, even if it's just a quick little response. Going out of your way to engage with your readers will have large benefits in the long run. 

8  |  Lack of variation
While it's good to maintain consistency in posting frequency and the quality of your content, a lack of variation in the types of posts you're publishing can cause readers to get bored very quickly. Switch up your ideas and surprise your audience every so often with a list post, an interesting story, an announcement - the possibilities are endless. Steer clear of getting stuck in a rut and strive to keep your readers on the edge of their seat. 

9  |  Lack of networking
Failing to connect with other people in your blogging niche will always limit your reach. Don't be a hermit; put yourself out there and make friends in this industry.

10  |  Lack of reader-focused content
This is the biggest mistake out there. Readers are always looking for entertainment, information, or insight. If your blog neither entertains nor informs, your readers aren't likely to return. Hone in on your ideal audience and create content that would be helpful and worthwhile for them.

If you avoid these 10 mistakes, you're sure to see success and growth in the blogging industry over time. By narrowing your focus, producing original, high quality content, and maintaining consistency, readers won't have a reason not to follow along with you!

Are there any mistakes on this list that you hadn't considered before? What are your top 10 blogging mistakes to avoid?