Coffee Date with Kirstin Johnston

When I think about my dear friend Kirstin, one word comes to mind - JOY. You can see it in her sweet smile and it dances around in her pretty eyes. Every time I'm around her I can't help but walk away with cheeks sore from smiling and a heart that is encouraged.

I've treasured getting to know Kirstin better over this past year through several coffee dates and Facebook chats. I have gleaned so much from this wise lady, wife, and mama - she truly is wise beyond her years. I pray that her contagious joy and her kind heart reach you today. 


What is the first thing you did this morning?

Every morning, I set my alarm to get up before my little man does. It gives me a chance to get in a cup of coffee and my devotion time. Our days go much smoother when I make it a priority to start each day with my heart and mind focused on the Lord.

What is something you've been loving lately?

I have recently started training for a half marathon... again. I started in 2011, then had to stop when I found out I was pregnant. I started running again after I had Austin and have continues to do so, but actually training and pushing myself with a goal in mind has been great. It's challenging, a great stress reliever, and fun to hit those milestones. I'm loving racking up the miles and building endurance.

What is something you struggle with and what are you learning as a result?

Oh man, how much time do you have? Ha! Lately, I've really been struggling with my comfort zone. It can be so easy to just say and do what you are comfortable with, but where is the fun and challenge in that? God has really laid it on my heart to step outside of my comfort and do more for Him. That lady in Starbucks, share the Gospel with her. That mom in Kroger who looks frazzled, invite her to our weekly Bible Study. My preacher says "Christianity is simply one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread." How selfish is it for me to not share the redemptive, freeing love of Christ because I am feeling shy?

Life can get stressful. What are some things you do to simplify?

As a mom and wife, when I am stressed, others feel the weight of it. I have to make myself plan ahead. A big one for me is our weekly family calendar. We have all of our activities, commitments, and meals planned out for convenience. It also helps me not commit to too much at a time. Before I agree to do something or be somewhere I ask myself, "Is this a beneficial, wise investment of my time and effort?" That question has saved me from stretching myself too thin.

And just for fun, what is something that made you smile this week?

The list could go on and on, I have SO much to be thankful for. I would have to pick our time playing outside. After all the beautiful snow, it was nice to have some warmer weather and lots of sunshine. Watching my boys running through the yard, chasing each other and getting dirty as boys do, I couldn't STOP smiling. 

I know you're probably wishing that you could catch up with Kirstin all the time. Well friend, you're in luck! Kirstin has a blog, These Moments Called Life. Head on over and get to know this pretty lady even better.

Now it's your turn. What have you been loving lately? How do you simplify when life gets busy?