Be A Blessing Challenge

I am an idealist. New ideas and brainstorming sessions get me all-kinds-of-excited, but I often find it difficult to carry them through to completion.

This happens frequently in my efforts to serve other people. Volunteering at the Rescue Mission? I love that idea! Visiting a nursing home? Oh, that would be so sweet! Watching the kids while my pastor takes his wife out on a date night? Please sign me up! But in all honesty, I rarely take the time to pencil these ideas in my Daybook and act on them. Whether it's an overcrowded schedule or a forgetful mind, there's always an excuse.

I'm learning that I can't glorify God when my schedule is filled to the brim. When I have too much on my plate, my mind is only centered on me - my to-do list, my activities, my plans - which rarely leaves time to focus on kingdom work. Elle & Company was created to help ladies simplify to glorify; to clear the clutter and leave space in our Daybook to serve others and focus less on ourselves.

In an attempt to be more intentional in blessing others, I've come up with a challenge. 

Each month I'll post a different act of kindness on the blog. February's Be A Blessing Challenge is to love on someone that lives alone. Whether it's a college student, grandparent, or single parent, I know that they would be blessed by your company and a home-cooked meal.  

Will you donate a couple hours of your time each month and participate with me? I know God will use this challenge to encourage the hearts of the people we serve and transform our own hearts in the process. 

I would love to use the comment space below to keep up with how the challenge is going for each of you. Do you have any ideas for upcoming Be A Blessing challenges? I would love to hear those, too.

Happy Wednesday, friends!