Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, while I was writing last week's letters, you were trolling Craigslist. A couple hours later I found myself in the car with you and 2 new-to-us bikes: a snazzy, red trail bike with a mirror and a bell for you (ha!) and a retro 80's mountain bike for me (yes!). Thanks to no plans and the 70-degree weather yesterday, we spent a couple hours riding around with Lightning McQueen and Sally (yes, we had to name them), and I couldn't stop smiling. I love your great ideas.

Dear Kristin, you are such a thoughtful friend. You've sent me a letter/poem at least twice a month since our move to Charlotte, and this week's poem is getting framed for my office. "My poems are not complex; my poetic muscles I shall not flex. This is simply to make you giggle, so much that your insides jiggle." Thank you for making me laugh and bringing a smile to my face, even when we're 230 miles apart. 

Dear Jazzercise CD, my husband did not appreciate you as much as I did on our 3-hour car trips to and from Virginia this weekend. Thank you for keeping me entertained and awake as I busted out dance routines on the interstate. I'm not ashamed.

Dear Jakester, you're currently going to seminary full time, working a part-time job, and interning at our church. You have a lot on your plate this season, but you're filling all of your roles so well. Thank you for the strong leader and hard worker that you are. I'm so thankful for you.

Happy Monday, friends! What are you thankful for this week?

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