Weekly Truth

One thing I love about the Word is that it's living. I can read a verse a thousand times and probably pull something from it that I never noticed before. I also think it's neat how the Holy Spirit impresses different things on each of our hearts while we're reading the same verse. So this week, I would love to hear about what God is teaching you through this 1 John 2:17 as you memorize it. 

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I know that this phrase is on repeat around here, but I truly want Elle & Co. to be an encouragement to you. I'm learning that encouragement comes through community, and I think that's why #Sweetspots and Coffee Dates are so much fun - they're an opportunity for all of us to share tips and life lessons with each other. So please feel free to join in and leave a comment, because goodness knows I do enough of the talking! 

I would love to hear from you ladies. Happy Tuesday :)

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