Monday's Letters


Dear Mr. Hooker, we celebrated the last few days of our spring break by taking Lightning McQueen and Sally out for a couple trail rides. I was completely out of my element and left with bruised shins and funky helmet hair, but it was well worth the huge grin plastered across your face. It's frightening and oh-so exciting to be married to you, my dear; you're always keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Dear Daybook, between blogging, designing, emailing, and studying, I am constantly looking at a computer screen. As I sat down last night to fill in my weekly calendar and all of this week's sheet sets, I remembered how nice it is to slow down, step away from the computer, and get life back in order. You were fun to design, but you're so much more fun to use. Thanks for helping me simplify.

Dear peanut butter slushy, despite my earnest pleas, my husband insisted on coming up with a creative treat last night. He whipped out the blender, threw in some ice cubes, and topped it off with a huge dollop of peanut butter. And thus, you were born. And thus, I was right. Congratulations, you're going down in the books as one of the silliest, most ridiculous disagreements we've had. 

Dear Jake, I didn't grow up with brothers, so living with you has been quite the adjustment. My car is muddy from our mountain bikes, we spent the weekend watching the NCAA national wrestling tournament, and there's a pull-up bar in the doorframe of our bedroom. And the strangest part? I secretly love it. You're the best boy roommate this girl could ask for.