Weekly Truth

Scripture is one of my greatest sources of encouragement, but I'll admit... I'm not the best at memorizing verses. So I've come up with a couple creative ways to sneak a verse into my day in the hope that seeing it often will etch it into my memory.

The first is a "verse section" in the weekly view of the Daybook Planner, and the second is an iPhone background with a new verse each week. Every Tuesday I share a new wallpaper on the blog for you to download, set as your background, and hopefully be encouraged, too.


Click here to download this week's verse.

Some of you know that in addition to designing and blogging for Elle & Company, I'm taking classes part-time with my husband at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. Jake is pursuing pastoral ministry and we both believe that it would benefit our ministry together if I took classes for Christian counseling. And friends, I love it! I'm trying to soak up every second.

We are currently going through the book of Psalms in my Hebrew poetry class, and I've been fascinated to learn the background of the psalms, the various kinds of psalms there are, and how the psalms were intended to be used. One of those ways is through worship and song; another is through prayer.

So that is my hope in posting Psalm 51:9-10 this week, that we would memorize these verses in order to pray them day by day, hour by hour, and moment by moment.

And as always, I hope that this small gift from Elle & Company will serve as an encouragement to you this week. Happy Tuesday, friends!

Note: Since tilting your iPhone re-adjusts the background, iOS7 automatically zooms in on background images. The text may seem small on the downloaded image, but once you set it as your background it will size correctly.