Weekly Truth

I was out running errands yesterday when I got a great surprise. I looked on my iPhone and saw that I had a new follower on Instagram (which always makes me happy) but I got really excited when I saw who it was: a well-known designer and calligrapher that I've been following for years. What?! I did a little happy dance and called Jake right away to tell him the good news.

And then a sinking realization hit me... I never get that excited when I think about being known by Jesus. 

I haven't been able to shake that realization for the last two days. The Creator of the heavens and the earth knows me by name. Not only does He know me, but He rejoices over me. That realization should make me the most giddy; I should want to tell everyone this great news!

I don't know about you, but it's so easy for me to find my worth in being known by others. I try to measure it by followers on Instagram or friends on Facebook, but my true worth is in being known by the King. I'm praying that as I commit this verse to memory this week, these words will wash over those gross parts of me that try to find my identity in the approval of others. I'll be praying the same for you, too. 

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Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!

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