Coffee Date with Jill Atogwe

Oh friends, I've been itching to share this morning's Coffee Date with you for weeks! 

A couple months ago, I was blessed to receive an email from an Elle & Company customer who just so happened to be another creative business owner. We continued to message back and forth and eventually set up a FaceTime meeting to talk about business things. I was blown away by how genuine and kind-hearted Jill is, and I was sweetly surprised when she asked how she could be praying for me before we ended our chat. 

Jill Atogwe is a lady who needs to be shared. Her artwork is amazing, her photos are gorgeous, and she is stunning, both inside and out. I have so enjoyed getting to know her better and I have a feeling you will, too. Friends, meet Jill!

What's in your coffee mug this morning?

A half cup of hazelnut coffee, a little bit of milk and an embarrassing amount of chocolate almond milk.

What is the first thing you did today?

I wake up, read my devotional, pray and head to the gym where my husband is my trainer. This hubby-trainer business was a trial-and-error effort that has taken three years to perfect! Something about testosterone and estrogen in the gym just don't always mix that well... After a quick shower, some speed makeup and a breakfast of egg whites, two tortillas and sriracha, I'm off to work as a personal stylist at Anthropologie (This is a rare day, I only work at Anthro either once or twice a week).

What's one thing you've been loving lately?

As an artist, the shift from death to life in Spring is just almost too inspiring to bear. Seeing little buds form on trees, shorter hemlines in my magazines and that extra hour or so of sun every day really just does something in my soul. I have to be careful not to be distracted all day long because with this mind, that totally happens!

What is something you struggle with, and what are you learning as a result?

I struggle with distraction. Did you like that little segway there? I usually feel pulled by my emotions so what I want to be doing (well, what I'm usually doing mentally) pulls my focus from what I'm actually doing. It gives a sense of "I should be doing something else!" at all times. I'm learning that I need to be present and content with exactly where I am. Doing something halfway can't be an option for me, so I won't commit to doing something unless I'll be all in. Even if it means I'll be thinking about making pop tarts again while doing the laundry - a girl's gotta commit!

Life can get busy and stressful. How do you simplify?

I simplify with an exchange: the Word for Social Media. This sounds a little foolish but I can get so wrapped up in Social Media and all the facets of it, especially now that I am creating a brand, that it becomes all encompassing. This beautiful place that was meant to connect ends up serving as a breeding ground for envy, dissatisfaction, comparison, and pride. Those are some yucky words that I don't want to swim around in, so whenever I feel weighed down I simply exchange time for time. When I would normally be reading blogs, checking Instagram or scrolling through Facebook, I reach for the Bible instead. In the end I feel like a brand new woman.

What's one thing that made you smile this week?

My husband makes me smile every day of my life. I am so blessed by this goofball and the way he loves the Lord and, in turn, loves me.


Oh, and I had gluten-free pizza this week. That got a pretty big smile too!

Jill's new site is almost up, so be sure to keep up with her on Instagram to see all of the wonderful things she has in store! And to see her most recent blog posts, visit her current site here

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your weekend is blessed.