Let's Get Giving

The Be A Blessing Challenge is quickly becoming my favorite feature on this blog. After all, it embodies the whole mission of Elle & Company, which is to simplify to glorify. What is the point of organizing and simplifying our lives if we just fill them right back up with activities centered around ourselves? My hope is that we clear the clutter in our days so that we can serve and love others well.

But I'll admit... pride can easily creep into this challenge. It feels so good to do something nice for another person, whether it's inviting someone over for dinner who lives alone or writing someone a letter of encouragement. The fleshy, sinful parts of me bubble up to the surface of my heart and I try to take credit for the good.

So this month I'm taking myself out of the picture completely and I'm asking you to join me. Let's give a gift anonymously. Let's leave the "from" section on the gift tag blank. Let's give for the sake of giving and remove our name so that we don't receive any of the glory. 

This could take on all kinds of forms. Does your friend dread going to work in the morning? Arrange to have flowers delivered to her office. Does the person behind you in the Starbucks line look tired and stressed in your rearview mirror? Pay for their drink at the window. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money - all it takes is a little thought. Think of it as a fun opportunity to get creative.

So what do you think, ya'll? Let's touch someone else's heart this month without bolstering our own ego. Let's get giving!