Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, we both look so much like our mamas, and judging by the photo above, I'd say that's a very good thing. Both of our moms go out of their way to visit us, fill our mailbox with thoughtful cards, spoil us with awesome cooking, and shower us with a whole lot of love. How did we ever get so blessed? Happy belated Mother's Day Mom and Martha! I'm sad that we weren't able to hug you in person, but you were on our hearts all day yesterday. You both are dearly loved. 

Dear poison ivy, you got your hands/leaves on my husband while he was doing yard work two weeks ago, and you won't let him forget it. You've spread like wildfire on the poor guy and you've somehow managed to jump onto me, too. We have tried every home remedy to kick you once and for all, but you are one tough cookie. Maybe some of my blog friends know something I don't (help!)

Dear Psalm 13, you and I are getting to be pretty close companions this week. Ten pages of reflection and research on your verses have challenged my brain and my heart. Thank you for teaching me to be transparent in prayer and hopeful in God's promises.

Dear Jake, after a year-long Instagram sabbatical, you decided to share your photography skills with the world once more. At first I was supportive of you coming out of hibernation, but after a day full of "paparazzi" yesterday... I'm thinking that it may have been better when your account laid dormant. Life is never boring with you!

Happy Monday, friends! Who's your favorite person to follow on Instagram?