Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, you were in a wedding this past Saturday, so we shouldn't have been surprised when Friday morning turned into a comedy of errors. Faulty clippers botched my attempt at giving you a decent haircut and somehow your tux ended up in Rock Hill, SC instead of Roanoke, VA. It may have added an extra hour to our trip, but it did make for some laughs at the rehearsal dinner!

Dear birthday week, your very name displays what a silly concept you are. Every time the week of May 30th rolls around, my husband reminds me of you and asks me each morning what I have in store for his "birthday week." This year I've decided to play into it because after all, Jake Hooker deserves to be celebrated more than one day each year. Just know that you will not be forgotten when July 23rd rolls around... ;)

Dear kitchen table, you are currently overtaken with Daybooks and packaging materials for the Bloom Conference. I might be a little biased, but they just might have the coolest swag bags ever.

Dear Jake, our weekend was chocked full of family meals, cookouts, reunions with childhood friends, and countless games of peak-a-boo and tag with our nieces and nephews. We left Virginia this afternoon feeling tired and oh so loved. We are blessed.

Happy Memorial Day, friends! What was the highlight of your 3-day weekend?