Coffee Date with Jake

Although you read about him twice each week in Monday's Letters, our friends and family would agree that you can't get the full Jake experience without meeting him. He's quite the character! In honor of his "birthday week," I agreed to feature him on the blog for Elle & Company's very first male Coffee Date. Not only will this give you better insight into the girl behind the blog, but I hope it provides you with a smile or two on this Wednesday morning. 

What's in your coffee cup this morning?

Folger's coffee that I made and fixed for Lauren. It probably is the best part of wakin' up. 

Describe your morning routine.

I wake up, start the coffee maker, then I go for a run. I try to run every morning to help clear my head. After a few miles around the neighborhood and a shower, Lauren finally makes it out of bed for breakfast and Bible study together.

Describe your ideal "birthday week."

Birthday week consists of getting amazing "surprises" and "presents" every day of the week leading up to your birthday. This year my birthday falls on a Friday so I'm enjoying birthday week for a full 6 days. So, my ideal birthday week is a new car on Sunday, tickets to the Superbowl on Monday, a new flat screen TV mounted into the ceiling above our bed Tuesday... I could go on but I don't want to sound greedy.

How do you simplify?

By looking ahead to the upcoming week. I don't know if it simplifies or complicates things.

Tell us something people might never guess about you.

I can be sarcastic.

Tell us something people might never guess about Lauren.

Lauren can be sarcastic, too.

If you could write a book, what would it be about?

It would be a long series, but I will give you a sneak peek. It would be a crazy story following a young woman that has to fight for her district in order to feed everyone. I'd call it, "The Games of Hunger."

What's something that made you smile this week?

Typically, Lauren and I watch TV shows to unwind. I'm literally smiling now because we watched a series on Netflix last week called, "Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?"

What song have you been dancing to in the kitchen this week?

That's easy. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s "War Zone." And yes, the band is called Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

And last but not least, what is your favorite memory from this past year and a half of marriage?

There are a lot of great memories that we have had together. For me, it's always the simple things we do together like riding bikes and eating Ben & Jerry's on the couch.

Do you have any questions for Jake this morning? I'm sure he would get a kick out of it and I admit... I probably would too :)