Monday's Letters


Dear Mr. Hooker, we're fast approaching the end of our first semester in seminary and you have not one... not two... but five 10-page papers due in the next couple weeks. FIVE. Not to mention studying for final exams, working part-time, and interning at the church. You're something else. 

Dear Summer, you are already chock-full of fun adventures. An annual family beach trip and the Gospel Coalition conference in June, a beach trip with friends and numerous family birthdays in July, a small anniversary trip at the end of August, and new product designs sprinkled in between. I can hardly wait!

Dear Miss Ann, you walked over to the Suite on Saturday afternoon just as I was unloading all of my green-leaved Lowes goodies. You pointed out where I should plant each one, told me I looked like a pro (even though I hadn't the slightest idea what I was doing), and prayed over every tomato plant. Visits with you do my heart good.

Dear Jake, our history of picking on each other goes way back to the fourth grade. So in a conscious effort to be more endearing, we came up with a little game: for every not-so-affirming thing we say to each other, we have to pay each other two compliments. Sorry love, but I'm afraid "you have a ridiculously handsome husband" doesn't count as a compliment. Nice try ;)

Each Monday I write four letters: two letters to my husband and two random letters to whatever else is on my heart each week. What originally started as a fun way to record events and funny stories pleasantly developed into a weekly habit of practicing thankfulness. To see past letters, click here.