Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, you got crafty with some leftover 2x4s yesterday and made a backdrop for my product photography, and I was super impressed! Thank you for being so supportive and turning my bright ideas into Sunday projects. You're quite the catch.

Dear Molly, visits from you are my favorite. You stop in to say hello at least once a week, and as soon as you break through the door your happy tail sends you into a full body wiggle. Oftentimes you're soaked from a swim in the pond or a splash in your water bowl, but I can't get upset. Those sweet puppy dog eyes melt my heart.

Dear Stephanie Blondet, your tweet last week encouraged my terrible secret-keeping self to let the cat out of the bag. Updates to the Elle & Company shop are coming oh-so soon, and I have not one... not two... but THREE launches up my sleeve! Thanks for following along with me!

Dear Jakester, looks like you weren't the only one who got spoiled rotten on your birthday. Your sweet mom sent you a package of goodies on Friday and snuck in some new sandals for me. Woohoo! Looks like your "birthday week" wasn't so bad after all :)

The June Newsletter goes out this afternoon, so be sure to sign up for it in the right-hand column if you haven't already! Stay tuned this week for printables, new posts, and maybe even a sneak peek or two. Happy Monday!