Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, apparently saying "I do" to spending the rest of my life with you also meant that I said "I do" to coming down with any and every sickness that you will ever have. Last month you passed along your poison ivy, this weekend I acquired your cold. Sharing germs willingly? That's love.

Dear NC DMV, "hospitable" is not an adjective I would use to describe your attitude toward new residents. Even though Jake and I have been driving for just shy of 10 years now, you are requiring that we take a driving test to obtain our NC driver's licenses. So today we're reliving our awkward teenage years (sans-braces) with a trip to visit you. Welcome to North Carolina.

Dear Tupelo Honey, it was love at first sight. Your pretty outdoor lighting, wooden beams, colorful menus, and those chocolate mints you offer on the way out the door - it seems like no detail was overlooked. Oh, and your food is delicious, too! Jake and our friends picked on me for the joy that all of your design details brought me, but what can I say? Pretty design makes my heart dance.

Dear Jake, Elle & Company followers get to read about you in Monday's Letters each week, but they don't get to see your involvement in this business behind the scenes. Thank you for all of the late night brainstorm sessions, encouragement, and excitement over what's in store this summer. Knowing that I have your support means the world.