Weekly Truth

"Each Tuesday I design a new iPhone background with a different verse and share it on the blog. Seeing scripture several times throughout my day is always an encouragement to me - it reminds me of truth and helps me memorize new verses."

My description of Weekly Truth needs a revision. Not because it's wrong - these backgrounds are always an encouragement - but it's lacking the very important truth that this week's verse highlights. "Faith comes through hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ." Romans 10:17

Faith comes through hearing God's word. How are people to believe in Christ if they have never heard about Him? They can't. If others are going to come to know the same saving faith we've experienced, they have to hear the word of the One who initiates it.

This means that the gospel has to be preached, taught, and shared. And in order for us to share it, we must know it well. That's why these weekly phone backgrounds are helpful, not just to brighten our day and remind us of truth, but to help us memorize it so that it can be shared. 

We have an amazing opportunity to help initiate and strengthen faith in others through Scripture. Let's find joy in memorizing God's Word so that others will hear and believe.

Instructions for setting your iPhone wallpaper: Once you've clicked the button above, hold your finger down on the image and save it to your photos by selecting Save Image. In your Settings app, go to Wallpapers & Brightness  >  Choose a New Wallpaper  > Camera Roll and select the image. You can set it as your lock screen, home screen, or both. 

Recent Backgrounds

Each Tuesday I design a new iPhone background with a different verse and share it on the blog. Seeing Scripture several times throughout my day reminds me of truth, strengthens my faith, and helps me me memorize God's Word so I can accurately share it with others. Feel free to download, pin, and share these backgrounds as many times as you would like!