Today's Top 3 - Blogs, Designers, and Fonts

A little over a month ago I reached out to my Instagram friends and asked them to throw out questions for a spin on a regular Friday Coffee Date. They asked me everything from Jake and my love story to the different fonts I use, and there were so many great questions that I didn't have the chance to answer them all. So I came up with a fun little series that I'm calling Today's Top 3 to share some of my favorite things.

Top 3 blogs I follow

  • Young House Love - Because who doesn't love following along with John and Sherry? Not only do they have the world's coolest job (blogging about transforming their house) but they have a great sense of humor. I would like to think if they lived nearby, we would be friends.
  • Elembee - I get far too excited when I see one of Lisa's posts appear in my Bloglovin' feed. Not only is she practical, but she's willing to share tips and insights that have been helpful for her business and doesn't fear breaking the mold. If you're another creative business owner, you'll love following along with her, too.
  • A Beautiful Mess - This is just a given. Elsie and Emma are so creative and have taken the blog industry by storm. They are not only an inspiration to me as a blogger, but they are always posting recipes and projects that I'm always pumped to try,

Top 3 designers I admire

  • Molly Jacques - Molly was the first calligrapher I started following along with. Her background is in art, she's married to an artist, and she's also an adjunct faculty member at an art school. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Nike, West Elm, Target, and Ford. And oh yeah, and she's in her twenties, no big deal. 
  • Lauren Bradshaw - Lauren's work is so simple, playful, and illustrative. She's the founder of Walnut Animal Society, a collection of stuffed animals that are hand-crafted, original, and timeless. If you haven't seen Ruthie the Deer, Henry the Fox, Eleanor the Bear, or Chester the Raccoon, you need to pay them a visit.
  • Amanda Wright - I don't know which I love more: Amanda's quirky illustrations or her hilarious sense of humor. Thankfully her products are a perfect blend of the two. From birthday cards that read "one year closer to death" to anniversary cards that say "you are sweeter than bee vomit," you just can't find designs like hers anywhere else.

Top 3 fonts I use

  • Kailey - Who doesn't love a feminine script-y typeface? This is my go-to "pretty font" and I use it frequently around Elle & Company. It was also designed by Molly Jacques, so of course I'm a fan.
  • Sanchez - When I'm in need of a slab serif font, I turn to Sanchez first. It's a little more rounded than the standard Rockwell and it has a lot of variants to choose from.
  • Avenir - And if I just need something clean and simple, I often choose Avenir or Avenir Pro. It's great for both body text and headlines.

Alright, it's your turn! What are your top 3 favorite blogs, designers, and fonts?