Coffee Date with Hilary Kennedy

Hilary Kennedy is a busy lady. This Emmy Award winner is a host on a national morning news program, a style contributor to Fox News Magazine and MSN Living, and a fashion blogger. She has interviewed some of today's most famous celebrities and has made appearances on popular TV shows, and yet she is one of the kindest, most down-to-earth people I know. 

Somewhere in the midst of the many things filling up her busy schedule, she took the time to join us for a Coffee Date. So today we're switching things up and letting her sit in the interview seat. I'm thrilled for you to get to know her better!

What's in your coffee mug this morning?

I love Yogi Breathe Deep Tea. I drink a cup every morning before work, because it does wonders for seasonal allergies!

What does a normal day-in-the-life of Hilary look like? 

I work on a national morning news show called Eye Opener at the moment, so I get up at 1:30 a.m., get hair and make-up ready, and then report to work at 3:00 a.m. I record voice overs for the show, look over the script for the day, and research stories we are reporting on. We do a quick rehearsal at 4:30 a.m., and then go live from 5:00-7:00 a.m. I sometimes tape pre-produced packages after the show to air at a later date, such as a cooking segment. I have been working on another home and lifestyle show in the afternoons, so I typically head there right after the morning show and tape most of the afternoon or record whatever voice overs we need. If I can squeeze in hot yoga before dinner, I try to do that. I do a little Bible reading before bed, and then my head hits the pillow around 6:00 p.m.

How did you get your start and what do you attribute most to your success? 

I obtained my degree in Radio-Television-and Film, and shortly afterwards I worked as the Entertainment Host for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team. I began to work in some local home and lifestyle shows after that, and then on a few national shows. I think any success I have definitely comes from God's goodness and lots of prayer. I think my greatest success, though, has been marrying my wonderful husband, who always supports me in what I do. Having his support, along with the encouragement and prayers of my family has changed my life.

What are your fashion staples? Where are most of the clothes in your closet from?

I am a big believer in a well-tailored dress, so I have most of mine taken in or hemmed by a local tailor so they fit properly. I think a nude pair of Christian Louboutins are a great investment, too. I love to wear a simple pair of gold hoop earrings, which I think are a wonderful staple for any look. Since I supply my own wardrobe for a lot of the shows I work on, I frequent budget-friendly places like Forever21, Zara, and GAP. Once you get the less expensive items tailored, you can't tell they only cost $20!

It seems like you have a wide range of activities filling up your schedule. How do you simplify and keep it all together?

Having some quiet time to yourself for prayer and reflection is one way I keep things together. I also use iCal to send me reminders about meetings and upcoming birthdays, as well as a fantastic invoicing/expense service called FreshBooks. It simplified my business process like no other!

You've had a lot of amazing opportunities, from interviewing Sir Richard Branson to receiving an Emmy award. What has been your most memorable experience? 

I think my most memorable experience with my job was getting to sit down and chat with Sir Richard Branson. It took place in front of hundreds of people, but he made it feel as if we were the only two people in the room. He's charming and kind, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Celebrities are just regular people with cool jobs, and it's always gratifying to meet one who hasn't let their immense success change how they treat people.

Which fashion trend(s) makes you cringe?

Okay, I have to confess...the "arm party" trend drives me nuts. It doesn't look comfortable and makes it nearly impossible to type on your computer! I also wouldn't mind if people didn't mix so many prints together anymore. Maybe it's my matchy-matchy nature, but too many stripes, polka dots, and tribal prints in one look give my a headache! :)

I know I say this every time, but this is one of my very favorite Coffee Dates. I especially loved getting a sneak peek into Hilary's day and learning how she got started in her industry. I would love to hear what you enjoyed most about today's Q&A with her (and I'm sure she would too!) 

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