Survey Says...

Last week I asked Elle & Company readers and subscribers to take part in my annual survey, thinking I might get a couple hundred people to leave feedback.

I was shocked to see that over 800 of you took the time to participate!

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about yourself and leave feedback on why you follow along. I read each and every response and took your words to heart. 

But it didn't seem right to keep the feedback to myself. So I rounded up the data to share with you!

Survey Says... (Feedback from my 2017 Reader Survey) - Elle & Company

How old are you?

Do you own a business?

Are you a blogger?

How did you find Elle & Company?

Which blog topic(s) are you the most interested in?

Do you subscribe to the Elle & Company newsletter?

92% of you subscribe to the Elle & Company newsletter! The other 8% of you can sign up here (wink, wink):

Do you follow along with Elle & Company on social media? If so, which platforms?

That's right - I now have a Facebook group! I started it in an effort to create community among creative business owners and bloggers. If you aren't a part of the group yet, you can join here:

How often do you visit the Elle & Company website?

Have you ever joined in an Ellechat webinar or watched a replay?

Why do you follow along with Elle & Company?

"The content is extremely helpful and detailed. If I have a question about something SS, design, or business related, Elle & Co. is typically my first stop."

"For all things Squarespace and branding! I've learned so much from you and have happily found myself clicking from blog post to blog post to learn more."

"I like the company's brand and style. Its simplistic and informative. Love the owners willingness to share what she has learned and experience."

"I just loved your business model when I heard it and wanted to adapt it for my own writing/teaching work."

"Business development help with a creative flare."

"The subjects are informative and timely."

"I love the helpful and actionable tips you give, I feel like I can do it myself too."

"I was first captivated by your brand aesthetic but I love you how help us readers be more intentional about our blogging, branding and business. I find your technical blog posts (SEO, Google Analytics, SS) really easy to follow. I love your writing style: it's friendly but authoritative. I love how you don't jump on every bandwagon going and the fact that you're not sale-sy (not a word, but you know what I mean!) I love the organisational posts: Google Docs, organising your website etc."

"It's an invaluable resource and go-to when I'm stuck and need help."

"I love your (Lauren's) writing style, the tremendous value you give with each and every blog post you write, the original insights and content you share, and the general vibe I get from your work that you truly cares about your readers (and their ability to make progress)."

"Your content is super informative and I love how in depth you go. You really dive deep into a topic so I can walk away with a thorough understanding."

Guys, I'm not going to lie. These past few months have been crazy with my husband finishing up grad school and a move in the near future. Reading these responses was so humbling and reminded me of why I started. Thank you for all of your kind words - they meant more than you know! 

What would you like to see from Elle & Company in the future?

"More challenges like the Branding Challenge."

"Would love another illustrator ecourse building on top of the basics course!"

"More blog posts about working with a team / building a team. And time management!"

"More behind the scenes information about how you run your business, accomplish tasks, network, etc. also how you manage work/life balance."

"Youtube videos of Lauren working on small design jobs, showing her computer screen as she works and talks through what she's doing."

"A course on blogging for business as clearly she knows a great deal about it!"

"A contest where grand prize is a one hour chat with you on a topic of the winner's choice (from a list of 5)."

"More of the same, please!"


Were you surprised by any of the results? Do you have anything to add? Leave me a comment and let me know!