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We're back with another installment in the Home Suite Home series! Michaela Noelle Designs is helping us put some design touches on our cozy little Suite to make it feel more like home, and we're sharing the transformation with you on our blogs each week. Our hope is that you'll join in, help us make some design decisions, and hopefully be inspired to make the most out of your current space, too!

In case you missed it, here is the story behind our Suite and a look at our living room

Today we're taking a look at our kitchen.


This is probably one of the areas that I need the most help with. While I love the tall cabinets, the pretty countertops, and my helpful kitchen carts, the space seems mismatched and pieced together. I've had trouble knowing how to pull in all of the separate pieces without getting rid of anything or putting a big dent in our budget. 


We're always trying to find creative ways to use our space wisely around the Suite, so the kitchen carts come in handy for extra storage. I hide pots, pans and silverware in one, appliances under the other. The kitchen carts also provide more counter space, which is really important since we eat in most nights (I love to cook!). The bookshelf isn't super attractive at the moment, but it's a must-have for storing all of Jake's books from seminary. I would love to find a way to maintain (and even add!) storage in this space while making it a little more cohesive and easy on the eyes. 

We also have a little eating nook with a kitchen table that doubles as a workspace for my design work and Jake's studies. It's looking a little lonesome and out of place at the moment, so I would love to find a way to make more sense of that space, too. 

In terms of design, I'm hoping that we can brighten things up a little bit and put some personal touches on our kitchen. Thankfully Michaela is coming to my rescue! She's come up with some creative solutions for this space and she's sharing them on her blog today. Head on over to check out what she has up her sleeve and vote on which option you like best!

Are you excited to keep up with this transformation? Be sure to follow along with us!

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