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Last week I shared the story of the Suite, a cozy little mother-in-law apartment that we've been blessed with for the 3 years that Jake is in seminary. While our living arrangement is perfect for the season we're in, I need a little help putting our own design touch on the Suite to make it feel like home. And that's where this fun new series comes in! My dear friend Michaela, from Michaela Noelle Designs, is working her magic on our space over the next few weeks by bringing in some style and functionality. We're sharing the design process with you each week so that you can join in and hopefully be inspired to make the most out of your current space, too!

Today we're taking a look at our living room. 

And "living room" could not be a more appropriate term, because we spend a large majority of time in this small area of the Suite. Since the iMac serves as my computer and our TV, it sits on our coffee table, which means our hang out space is also my office. Now that I'm working from home full-time, I'm learning that it's crucial for me to have a designated workspace separate from where we hang out and relax. 

Most nights the living room also functions as our dining room. Although we have a small table with two chairs, it's normally cluttered with projects, books, and mail, so sadly we eat meals in front of the TV. Jake and I would love to make more use out of a little eating nook and let the living room function as a space solely for us to unwind and hang out.

In terms of design, I would love to add some color. The living room is looking a little brown at the moment, and I'm usually drawn to white space and pops of color. Some fun patterns would also be a great addition.

Thankfully, Michaela has a gorgeous plan for this space! She's sharing two ideas for our living room today and we're asking you to help us choose which one you like best. So click over to her blog and give us your feedback! And if you're excited to keep up with this transformation, be sure to follow along with us:

Michaela Noelle Designs

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Elle & Company

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How have you managed to juggle the functions over your small space? And maybe more importantly, does your husband insist on having a pull-up bar in your living room? ;)