New Brand + Website Launch: Emily Gerald Photography

Emily Gerald contacted me the same day I officially announced my branding services, and her brand and website launch is the first "whole package" reveal that I've done around here. From the logo to the website and collateral pieces, we've touched every part of her business and added her brand to it in some shape or form.

This is also my first time designing for a "babies, bumps, and births" photographer, and I had so much fun coming up with a brand that would appeal to expectant mothers. Emily mentioned an old storybook theme during our initial consultation, and I kept coming back to that while I was designing drafts for her logo. The idea was so different from anything else I had seen out there, and I'm thrilled with how it all turned out!

It was a joy to come alongside Emily and bring to life a new brand that matches her precious photos. The old storybook theme, illustrations, neutral color scheme, and Emily's excitement about it all makes this project go down as one of my very favorites. I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at the branding process from Emily's perspective, so I added in her little Q&A with photos of the design process. I hope you enjoy looking at this new brand as much as I enjoyed designing it!

New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company

Why did you originally reach out to Elle & Company for design help?

I first heard about Elle & Co. from my wedding coordinator, Kat. She had blogged about using Lauren's Daybook Planner and I loved the look and design of it so of course I had to order one in the Spring! When I received it in the mail, she sent the cutest handwritten thank you, stickers, and business cards, and I remember being "wowed" by it all and seeing how fabulously her brand tied together. At that time I was starting to think about rebranding, but wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger! I started following her blog and really came to love reading her design tips, as well as fun personal blogs she shared. Fast forward to July and Kat (knowing I was looking into different designers) texted me telling me that Lauren was offering branding packages. I think I spent all of 5 seconds deciding that she was going to be the PERFECT designer for me, and e-mailed her right away! It was really perfect timing, because I wanted to release my new brand with my new last name in November, after our wedding, and the timeline fit flawlessly. It was meant to be!

New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company

What were your initial design goals?

My initial design goals were to create a brand that would serve as a home for my business online and attract potential clients, while using that brand to keep current clients interested in my growing business. I didn't really have a "brand" at all before and it reflected poorly on my business. I knew I needed to create something simple and professional that would help me continue to grow my business!

What keywords came to mind when you imagined the appearance of your new brand and site?

Simple, classic, whimsical, clean. I told Lauren early on I wanted my brand to play off of classic children's storybooks, using clean lines, sketch-like elements, simple fonts, and neutral colors. I knew I wanted my brand to be simple and whimsical, while still looking luxurious and not too "trendy" and I think Lauren pulled it off flawlessly!

New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company

What was your favorite step of the design process?

Initially, it was seeing the inspiration board come together, then each successive step just got better and better! Watching something that is meant to represent your business come to life is so exciting. But, the BEST part of the entire thing was when I first saw my homepage on my new website. To see the logo, colors, and all of the elements Lauren designed come together with my images, I knew she had created the perfect combination of everything I wanted.

New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company

Were you surprised by any part of the project?

I was surprised at how time consuming it is! Bless the people who do this work, because it is not an easy task! I am very particular, and Lauren was soo patient with me, it was like she could read my mind when I didn't know how to articulate what I wanted! I was also surprised at how time consuming it is for the person who is going through the rebranding. It takes a lot of hard work to get everything together and prepare things on the back end so your designer can pull a full brand and website together, on top of continuing to run your business while it all takes place!

How was your overall experience? Did we successfully accomplish your design goals for Emily Gerald Photography?

I probably answered this in a lot of ways above, but YES. My new brand and website is the perfect home for my images and the perfect way for me to attract families! Lauren is such a talented, personable designer and through this process we have become such good friends. I felt like more than half of our email conversations were spent catching up about life, or laughing back and forth. We would always get caught up talking when we had to have "in person" meetings via Google Hangout and I truly feel like so much of the success of my new brand can be attributed to how thoughtful Lauren is. She not only took the time to get to know my business, but she got to know me as well and my brand wouldn't be what it is without her being so invested in her clients!

New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company
New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company
New Brand and Website Launch for Emily Gerlad Photography | Elle & Company

The website for Emily Gerald Photography is one that you must see for yourself, not just for the design but for a look at the gorgeous galleries. (And be sure to take a peek at her beautiful headshots on the "about" page - how perfectly do they fit into her new brand?!) Emily is also celebrating her new launch with a great giveaway, so be sure you follow along with her and enter for your chance to win one of 2 mini sessions

Emily, thank you so much for trusting me with the design of your new brand and website. It was a joy working with you and I'm grateful that I made a great friend out of the whole experience, too. I can't wait to follow along with your business and contact you someday when Jake and I have little ones of our own :) Happy Launch Day!


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