Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, our new town has an event on the first Friday of every month. When we met friends for dinner on Friday night there were free carriage rides downtown and the little shops were handing out Valentine's candy. How cute is that?! One more reason why I really like it here.

Dear Lola, we finally got you all fixed up - a new starter, new brake pads, new spark plugs, the works. And then I slowly backed you into a tree by accident last week. Please forgive me for the potato-size dent in your bumper. I never meant to hurt you.

Dear Harris Teeter, I didn't know grocery shopping could be so enjoyable. A Starbucks right inside your double doors and a cup-holder built into your shopping carts? Genius! Thanks to you and my Menu Planning sheets, I might actually start looking forward to weekly grocery store trips. It's the little things.

Dear Jake, how did we go 4 years without discovering the hilarity of Parks & Rec?! For the last three weeks we've been watching and obnoxiously quoting Leslie, Tom, and Ron (to name a few). But my favorite reference happened this weekend when someone told you that you remind them of Andy Dwyer. Day made.

Happy Monday, friends!