Coffee Date with Andrea Pesce

If you're ever looking for a talented photographer and a sweet friend, Andrea Pesce is your gal. You can see her talent all over this site; her creative eye captured all of the lovely product photos and headshots for Elle & Company. Didn't she do such a great job?! I couldn't have done it without her gifts and encouragement. 

This beautiful lady works hard and laughs often. Give her a task and she will not only go above and beyond - she will find so much joy in it. Her excitement and passion for her job is contagious, but there's much more to Andrea than photography. I'm excited for you to get to know my dear friend Andrea this morning!


What is the first thing you did this morning?

Hit snooze on my alarm and snuggled with Lexi till it went off again :), THEN called my husband Frank to say good morning. He leaves for work at an ungodly hour, so I usually don't see him (or at least remember it) in the mornings.


What is something you've been loving lately?

Dry shampoo! How did I live without this before now?

What is something you struggle with, and what are you learning as a result?

I really struggle to have a fridge full of food and a meal on the table more than a few days a week! Most of the time it's because I'd rather be doing anything else than grocery shopping or cooking, but I feel like God's been showing me how much you can show someone you love them by having a meal made. I'm also learning my mom was/is wonder woman!

Life can get stressful. What are some things you do to simplify?

I do two things: I ask myself 'why' and then I rearrange! For me, if there isn't a good 'why' for something I'm doing then it probably  can go instead of adding another thing to the already lengthy to-do list. Living with purpose is extremely important to me. And I have no idea what started this, but I feel like a new person when I can sit down and things are new and fresh in my home, even when nothing else has changed. Frank jokes that if he came home and didn't look before he sat down, he would end up on the floor or have bruises on his shins. 

And just for fun, what is something that made you smile this week?

A friend of mine found out I was an ENFP and sent me this link. If you are an ENFP you will smile too. Especially if you are married to a J :)


For more encouragement and daily happenings from Andrea (and to get a glimpse at all of her latest work!), head on over to her site, Andrea Pesce Photography. And go ahead and 'like' her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram while you're at it!

Now it's your turn to join in the conversation. How do you simplify? Do you have a habit of rearranging things to gain a fresh perspective and a new start? I'm oh-so glad you stopped by today, friend. Happy Friday!