Weekly Truth

God, whom no one has ever seen, is made visible by our love for each other. If we could love one another the way God wants us to, someone who doesn't know God should be able to see Him in our interactions with each other. That's a pretty amazing (and frightening) thought, isn't it?

We know that this love doesn't originate with us and that it doesn't come from our own works; we are able to love others because of Jesus' work on the cross and by the working of the Holy Spirit. But I pray that this little phone background will help you reflect on these words throughout your week. 

When people spend time with you, do they get a glimpse of Him?


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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Note: Since tilting your iPhone re-adjusts the background, iOS7 automatically zooms in on background images. The text may seem small on the downloaded image, but once you set it as your background it will size correctly. 

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