Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, it's impossible for you to accomplish any task without creating a playlist for it. I will admit - washing the dishes, cooking dinner and getting ready in the morning are much more entertaining when you're breaking it down to "Chocolate" by The 1975 (especially when you try to mimic their English accents). Oh, you make me smile.

Dear cheeks, I don't think you've ever been rosier than you were last week at our seminary picnic. I could have sworn I knew the name of a faculty member that sat at our table, and I kept calling him by name in conversation... until my husband oh-so-sweetly corrected me. You continue to turn bright red every time he not-so-sweetly reminds me of that moment. So embarrassing.

Dear Elle & Company, each time someone asks me what I do, my heart skips a beat. Thank you for allowing me to combine my favorite loves and call it "work". I am one blessed girl.

Dear Jake, your parents made a short trip to visit us this weekend and it was so fun to show them around our new town. Even sweeter was their excitement for us and their joy at how everything has played out. More affirmation that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.