Monday's Letters

Dear Mr. Hooker, you've come to know my odd quirks a little too well, and you've started to use them to your advantage. Last week you talked me into doing all of the dishes because I wanted you to eat ice cream with me (Lauren Quirk #582: Ice cream is much better - and less regretful - with a friend). You made me listen to some awful scream-o music on the way to church yesterday because I wanted you to put on your seatbelt (Lauren Quirk #123: The seatbelt must be on before the car starts moving). Oh, this is getting old.

Dear aerobics, ever since I stopped teaching classes a year and a half ago, I've dearly missed you. Exercising is much more fun when it involves 90's pop hits and sweaty people in spandex (kidding). This week is our long-awaited reunion - I got the go-ahead for teaching classes twice a week at our seminary. Oh man, it's going to be so fun!

Dear RTS Charlotte Counseling Program, you officially launched last week. I've had a heart for Christian counseling since it changed my life in college - God used it to reach me and heal me in areas where I was struggling (more here). I'm so grateful for the opportunity to pursue an M.A. in your program and possibly play a part in someone else's testimony. I'm excited for these next 2 years!

Dear Jake, we passed a woman riding a bike last week who had a ginormous tree branch stuck in her spokes. You grinned really big and said, "That's literally you on a bike." Of course I denied it but wouldn't you know: I got a huge tree branch tangled up in my bike wheel when we went trail riding this weekend. I tried to discretely get rid of it before you noticed, but between my uncontrollable laughter and the noise of the branch in my wheel, you quickly saw what happened. I will never live this one down.