Weekly Truth

Lately I've been reflecting on how my time is spent each day, weeding through and discerning what is important and time-worthy, and what is fleeting and insignificant. After all, isn't that what simplifying is all about? 

By no coincidence, I stumbled across this verse in 1 Peter. God's Word remains forever. One thousand years from now, no one will know my name. That's a humbling thought, considering how much I like to make of myself each day. But God's Word will always hold true; His Kingdom endures forever.

And wow, has that been stirring my heart and changing my perspective on how I spend my time. In all of my laboring, am I seeking to glorify the One who remains forever? Or am I working for things that won't matter 100 years from now (i.e. my happiness, comfort, wealth, appearance...) 

This week, I'm praying that we all get a better grasp of what is truly meaningful.

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Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!

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