Monday's Letters


Dear Mr. Hooker, when we return to Charlotte on Wednesday we'll be a couple shades tanner and a little more rested. Until then, my only plans are to take a nap everyday, read an entire book, and eat dessert each night. Beach trips are the best.

Dear Project L, I may have been a little crazy (and a lot excited) when I scheduled your launch for the day after we return from the beach. But it does make the end-of-vacation sadness a little less dreadful when we have something so exciting to return home to. 3 more days!

Dear car trips, how did I ever endure you before I married Jake Hooker? His dance moves, funny jokes, and DJ skills sure do make 5-hour drives much more fun.  

Dear Jake, thank you for participating in my fun little game last week called "let's-see-how-much-food-we-can-get-rid-of-in-our-house-before-going-to-the beach." Countless bowls of oatmeal, a few packages of Ramen noodles, and several plain quesadillas later, we both came out as winners - our fridge is clean and we saved a trip to the grocery store. Hallelujah!