Favorite Coffee Date Moments

Every Friday since Elle & Company launched, I've featured a couple dozen ladies (and one funny guy) on the blog for a Coffee Date. This series started as a way to bring some fun conversation (and oftentimes a laugh or two) to the blog, and I think it's safe to say that it's a favorite around here. I'm not surprised - it's fun to start off each Friday with a few cups of coffee (or tea, or... milk?) with a new friend. 

In honor of reaching the 20-date mark, I've rounded up some of my favorite Coffee Date moments. 

What's in your coffee mug this morning?

Ashley Owen:

The real question is what I wish was in my coffee mug this morning. I typically drink whatever "middle shelf" coffee is on sale at Kroger. While Private Selection French Roast always gets the job done, deep down I am craving a non-fat Dirty Chai from the local coffee shop across the street. It is a heavenly drinking experience with the right amount of kick to get me through my morning. Plus, it is really fun to order. You always get a few strange looks from those who have yet to be enlightened to this gem.

Rachel Brock:

WIthin the warm circular shell of my insulated mug swims a deep, dark roast... Ha! Yeah right. I have the lightest, girliest drink available. It is commonly known as the "White Chocolate Mocha," and unfortunately for me, it costs a pretty penny. I was never really a coffee drinker until I married my husband, Matt. My marriage plus the fact that there is a Caribou Coffee shop conveniently located across the street is a dangerous combination, my friends! I have made the White Chocolate Mocha my traditional Friday morning treat.

Life can get busy and stressful. How do you simplify?

Kristin Bandy:

It's so easy to busy our days and literally fill them to the brim. I had a good friend who made the comment that she only plans one thing a night.

I thought that was great advice so I've tried to implement it too. Instead of planning dinner with a friend at 5:00, then coffee with a friend at 6:30, then a movie at 9 - planning one thing an evening. Not only will I be less stressed, but I'll be more intentional with the friend I'm spending time with and they will feel more loved in return.

Logan Gibson:

Usually to organize my chaotic thoughts and mass of activities, I resort to a classic To Do list. The last year of my life, however, has been a time of constant transitioning and never really knowing what your schedule is going to be, which induces quite a bit of stress. To Do lists don't work for that. I've craved order, simplicity, and routine more than I ever thought I would. The best way I've found to simplify is often the hardest because it means relinquishing control, the exact thing we often feel we need in order to simplify. What I do is become "God aware." Breathing out quick prayers before beginning tasks. Telling Him my plans for the day, then opening myself up to change. I find that the more I open my heart to Him, the more my perspective changes, and the simpler my life becomes.

Leigh Carter:

Pray. Honestly, I just ask God to take away the things I don't need, to take care of the details that I can't, and to help me complete the tasks He has put before me. Also, I've been trying to leave at least 3 weekday evenings open with no regularly scheduled events so that I can hang out with friends, have people over, and serve others freely.

What's something that made you smile this week?

Ashley Herrinton:

Tuesday night Ty and I cheated on our Daniel Plan and went to Sonic for limeades and to just shoot the breeze. I kinda felt like we were dating again as we sat outside under the umbrella while the server roller-skated our order out to us. Our lives are about to get crazy busy as we begin our wedding season. Little spontaneous trips like this remind me how precious and important the simple things are in life.

Allyson Bishop:

I can promise you there is never a dull moment around here. Not a single one. And I love it! My kiddos make me smile daily - they are a joy and a blessing and a gift from God. Of course, there are ups and downs, highs and lows, struggles and victories - and being a Mommy is hard work - but it is so work it and so very rewarding. Smiles galore!

Jenny Constantin:

So we got our wedding pictures back and my nephew has some HILARIOUS faces. I'm going to be keeping these on my desk... and saving one for display at his wedding one day :)

Jill Atogwe:

As an artist, the shift from death to life in Spring is just almost too inspiring to bear. Seeing little buds form on trees, shorter hemlines in my magazines and that extra hour or so of sun every day really just does something to my soul. I have to be careful not to be distracted all day long because with this mind, that totally happens!

If you could write a book, what would it be about?

Jake Hooker:

It would be a long series, but I will give you a sneak peek. It would be a crazy story following a young woman that has to fight for her district in order to feed everyone. I'd call it, "The Games of Hunger."

Jake is jumping in on our Coffee Date this morning, so brace yourself. Here's his question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how good is your hog call?

Kat Schmoyer:

HAHAHA! I grew up on a hog farm, and I showed hogs all over the state of Virginia... while I never entered a hog calling competition, I'd give myself a solid 7 in that category. Nice question, Jake :)

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Who have been some of your favorites in our Coffee Date series? I have several encouraging ladies coming up this summer, so be sure to check back here each Friday morning to join along with us!