Letters & Looking Ahead

Dear Mr. Hooker, Rhonda the Honda gave up on us at a stop light on Saturday night. Thankfully she mustered up enough strength to coast into the repair shop a couple miles away, but her shenanigans cost us our fun plans with friends. Here's to hoping her old age gets us a senior citizens discount on her repair bill...

Dear June, you're ending in a fireworks display of activities for me this year. Last week I enjoyed a relaxing family beach trip with the in-laws. This Friday I leave for a weekend at the Gospel Coalition Conference in Orlando. And as soon as I fly back into Charlotte on Sunday night, Jake and I are hitting the road to meet friends at Sunset Beach for a week. This month is spoiling me rotten.

Dear Freeze Pops, you've become our latest addiction. We become 6-year-olds after dinner each night, making the big decision of which color we're going to stain our mouths with and making trips back to the freezer for seconds (or thirds). Summer just wouldn't be the same without you.

Dear Jake, you're the peanut butter to my jelly, the bacon to my eggs. You're calm when I'm anxious and simple when I'm complicated. Adventurous when I'm safe, goofy when I'm grouchy, and steady when I'm here, there, and everywhere. I'm one blessed girl; I married my perfect compliment.

Here's a sneak peek at what's coming to Elle & Company this week:

  • A new iPhone wallpaper and a little heart-to-heart in the Weekly Truth series
  • July 4th printables (including some fun Uncle Sam photo booth props!)
  • A new series on blogging & the story behind how this space got started
  • Tips on how to design a lovely resume & resume additions to the Library
  • A Coffee Date with Annamarie Akins

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