Weekly Truth


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When I graduated from Virginia Tech two years ago, I cringed every time someone asked me about grad school. The last thing I wanted to do was sit through more lectures and have the constant burden of assignments weighing on my shoulders. But when Jake was accepted into seminary last November, we found out that I could pursue a master's degree for free. I just couldn't pass it up! So this past semester I began taking classes part-time for a Masters in Christian Counseling. 

And what a first semester it was! It was like drinking from a fire hydrant - so much information coming at me in a short amount of time. 

We had an assignment in one of my classes where we had to analyze a passage of scripture (4-6 verses long) and come up with 15 insights per verse. It was challenging and time consuming, but it caused me to slow down and examine the verse word for word. And as crazy as it sounds, I ended up really enjoying it.

I've found myself doing that exercise on a smaller scale in my own personal quiet time lately. I definitely don't come up with 15 insights, but I do slow down and examine each word and it's significance. It helps me understand the meaning of the passage and also helps aid in memorization. If you've never tried an exercise like this before, I encourage you to try it too. This week's verse is a great one to start with!

How do you study Scripture? What has been helpful in your personal quiet time?