Today's Top 3 - Instagram, Guilty Pleasures, and Spotify Stations

I'm back today with another "episode" of Today's Top 3, a new series where I share some of my favorite things with you. Today I'm dishing on whose posts I love seeing in my Instagram feed, what guilty pleasures I enjoy giving in to, and which music stations usually have me bobbing my head throughout my work week. Here goes!

Top 3 Instagram accounts I follow

  • @nataliecreates - I love scrolling through Instagram and stumbling across accounts that have their own distinct style. That's why I enjoy following along with Natalie, a farmer's wife, crafter, and thrifter. Her colorful snapshots brighten my feed and my day; her life is lovely to follow along with.
  • @kristinschmucker - And then there are those accounts that both brighten your day and touch your heart. You might remember this pretty lady from our Coffee Date with her a month or two ago. Her account has glimpses of daily life as a church planter's wife, mom, and shop owner, but she also uses Instagram to share Truth. She's a light.  
  • @andreapescephoto - Andrea's feed is always near the top of my list. Yes, I might be slightly biased (she's a great friend of mine, she took all of the photos for Elle & Company, she was featured for a Coffee Date, and we have some exciting things in the works) but her account is simple, bright, and lovely. Like Natalie, she has that distinct style that makes the designer in me smile.

Top 3 guilty pleasures

  • Ice cream for lunch - And I'm not ashamed. Sometimes the same ol' salad and sandwich doesn't sound appetizing, so I treat myself to a bowl of peanut butter cup goodness. I rationalize it by telling myself that it would be more even ridiculous to eat a regular lunch and a bowl of ice cream, right?
  • Anything Martha Stewart - I wouldn't call it an obsession, but Jake might. When we were engaged, I registered for every Martha Stewart kitchen gadget, stacking bowl, and tupperware container imaginable, and not many things make me happier than visiting the Martha Stewart office section in Staples. She gets me. 
  • Pumpkin spice lattes - There are times when it's necessary to get the usual tall Pike Place in a grande cup with cream and 2 sugars in the raw, and then there are times when I give in to the pumpkin spice latte that's been calling my name. 

Top 3 Spotify playlists

  • Sweet Songs for Sunny Days - These cheerful songs add a skip in my step and a little pip in my pep. This playlist has some old favorites that make me smile (Teddy Geiger and Jason Mraz, anyone?) and other happy tunes that make working from home a little more fun.
  • Afternoon Acoustic - When I need to crank out a project, this is my jam. The Civil Wars, William Fitzsimmons, John Mayer - it's an acoustic dream team. 
  • Your Favorite Coffee House - Perfect for a rainy day, a second cup of coffee, and a mellow mood.

Your feedback last week made me so happy, so let's do it again! What are your favorite Instagram accounts, guilty pleasures, and music stations?